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Angiocrine Bioscience is a private, clinical stage cell and gene therapy company based in San Diego, California.  Angiocrine Bioscience began as a start-up located within Weill Cornell Medical College (New York City) and then relocated to San Diego, one of the leading regenerative biotechnology centers, in 2015.  Angiocrine was started by notable and visionary scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs, funded and managed by US-based entrepreneurs.

Our company was built on over a decade of research in understanding how the human body naturally repairs and heals itself.  Our scientific founders are pioneers in deducing the reparative role endothelial cells and endothelial-derived angiocrine factors which guide the body’s progenitor (stem) cells dispersed throughout various organs.

Angiocrine is developing a robust pipeline of Advanced Reparative Medicines.  Advanced Reparative Medicines consist of engineered (genetically-modified) human cord endothelial (E-CEL®) cells that repair various damaged tissues and organs.  Multiple E-CEL products are generated from Angiocrine’s E-CEL Platform: a proprietary R&D engine that creates multiple clinical product candidates.